Long-term Vision

Before Ford decided to meddle in our election, my platform was mainly centred on local issues.

But whether it be the slashing and burning of Harris or Ford and the PCs, or the backroom corporate-friendly deals of the Liberals, or even the lingering spectre of “Rae Days” and the NDP, Toronto should not be thrown into chaos at the whim of the province.

Our constitution was created over one hundred and fifty years ago, a time when almost all of Canada was rural.

We now need a New Deal for cities.

With this in mind, I created a long-term vision for Toronto that would ensure this city has the independence it needs to provide adequately for its residents.

I will add that many will argue my ideas are not possible under the current system, and that is correct. But laws change all the time, and occasionally the structure of government does too.

Just because the status quo seems set in stone, does not mean it should not be challenged or that we should stop looking for better, more equitable ways to provide for residents.

My long-term vision includes: